“Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline” is a 2010 ASIS International document that offers state regulatory agencies with “consistent
minimum qualifications to improve the performance of private security officers and the quality of security services.” After thoroughly reviewing this
document, describe how you, as a corporate security operative, would react to the ASIS guidance and state whether or not you would support the guidelines
relating to the regulation of security and pre-assignment, post assignment, and annual training requirements. More importantly, explain your rationale and the
justification you would provide to the organization’s CEO for the added annual expense that likely would result.
Also, you are asked to research your home state’s private security training requirements and report it in this discussion and comment on its potential
effectiveness for improving security operative performance and professionalism.
As the corporate security operative of XYZ corporation, you have been asked by the CEO to work with the Human Resources department in developing a new
pre-employment screening proposal that would be more effective in hiring trustworthy personnel, thereby stemming the tide of internal theft– a problem that
has been significantly increasing over the past few years and clearly impacting the organization’s “bottom line.” It is generally accepted in the security
profession that “hiring well” is one of the most effective procedural controls available to protect an organization’s assets.
After reviewing the “Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices” segment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) website, the “Notice –
Employee Polygraph Protection Act” segment of the U.S. Department of Labor’s website, the “Facts About the Americans With Disabilities Act” (ADA)
segment of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission’s website, and any other independently researched sources, outline the procedures you would propose to
the CEO—knowing there are costs attached to each procedure—and explain why each procedure is important. The CEO will want to know your rationale.
Also incorporate into the response your understanding of employment law as delineated in the documents cited above and ensure you make it clear that your
proposal complies with the various and legal requirements.
My home state is Illinois

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