We can work on Concepts Of Creativity And Innovation

Select and identify an issue or challenge that you would like to find a solution to. Take about 15-30 minutes and begin a brainstorming exercise. You can do this as an individual or in a group setting. Consider the following

What did you learn about this technique? Where were the challenges to following the rules? How can you use this tool or skill for creative problem solving in the future? Discuss both personal and organizational applications. And did you find an acceptable solution, or is more work needed?

Sample Solution

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mortality of the pony chestnut tree, it is still possibly negative to the wellbeing of such a valuable tree (Gilligan and Passoa, 2014). The season that this study was done likewise limited what information could be gathered. In the event that this study was rehashed in the spring and mid year months, information on where grown-up moths actually lay their eggs could be gathered, permitting comparable data to the concentrate on Cameraria hamadryadellam by Connor (2006) to be gathered. This would give additional data on whether the grown-up females have an inclination among high and low fake light forces or whether higher counterfeit light powers cause mortality among hatchlings. One more benefit of gathering information prior in the year and over a more delayed period is permit examination of various ages of C. ohridella. The leaf excavator is known to have up to 5 covering ages in a year with the last age ready to stay as pupae for as long as 7 months (UK Ranger service Commission, 2016; Ferracini and Alba, 2008) and get by in temperatures as cold as – 23oC (UK Ranger service Commission, 2016). Observing various ages will give more knowledge into the existence pattern of C. ohridella as well as reinforcing the proof of the connection between fake light power and taking care of movement. How much information gathered additionally restricted what measurable tests could be run. In spite of the fact that there are different streetlamp types present in Clifton Town and on Durdham Downs, there was deficient information to run examination tests. There were just seven arrangements of information from Clifton Town contrasted with the 23 sets from Durdham Downs. On the off chance that this study was to be rehashed, even arrangements of information ought to be gathered across an assortment of streetlamp types to consider proper correlations with be completed. This study was restricted in how much information which could be gathered because of a few time limitations. Incessant normal light power information ought to be gathered however long important until a reliable normal is reached. Information ought to likewise be gathered across a wide range of conditions. As Grabenweger et al. (2005) showed, the presence of regular hunters can influence the leaf digger populace by 4%. By gathering fake light power and extent information as well as recording the presence of hunters across various conditions, it tends to be resolved whether the presence of C. ohridella’s normal hunters affect their taking care of action. Another limitation that was confronted was being not able to gather all counterfeit light force information on one evening. Since information assortment was finished by walking, a ton of time was squandered strolling between locales. It was risky to be out gathering information past 12 PM and in light of the distances between the tre>

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