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Think about your previous shopping experiences (both online and in-person). Address some of the following questions in a response of 150-300 words:

How much do you think about the information the company might have about you?
Do you use loyalty/rewards cards to receive discounts, coupons, etc.? In what ways does the company use that information?
How much information are you comfortable handing over to the companies you buy from?
Do you place convenience/affordability above privacy?
How does this affect your purchasing behavior?

Sample Solution

Ed Ruscha was related as working in the Pop Art development. This clarifies sense, in light of the fact that a great deal of his motivation originated from mainstream society in Los Angelos, just as the landscape from the region when all is said in done. Through his work he added to affecting another age of creative ability, which lead to the Neo-Pop development. Ed Ruscha worked with numerous kinds of workmanship including lithographs, drawing, aquatint, and screen print, where he explored different avenues regarding various sorts of natural colors, as opposed to simply utilizing the ink from a printer. Ed Ruscha made works that depicted distinctive importance relying upon the manner in which the watcher decided to take a gander at it. One case of this is his screen print called Standard Station. Over the highest point of the service station in the print, it peruses “STANDARD”. Standard Oil is the conspicuous course that your psyche would go in the event that you thought about Standard Oil, in any case, he forgot about the word oil, leaving it open finished for the watchers to add importance to the work. Ed Ruscha’s work didn’t abandon reaction. Other craftsman over the world have reacted to his works. A case of this would be Bruce Nauman. Bruce Nauman is an American craftsman, who bargains in medias, for example, mold, photo, drawing, neon, printmaking, and execution. Bruce Nauman’s work, which was titled, Burning Small Fires (1968), was an assortment of pictures of himself consuming Ed Ruscha’s book, Various Small Fires and Milk (1964). This was Nauman’s presentation of dissent to Ruscha’s work. Ruscha tested the thoughts of western workmanship and made something other than what’s expected. The Pop Art development all in all, directed moving the view individuals had on the distinction of “high” workmanship and “low culture”. (theartstory.com. Pop Art). Pop workmanship likewise conveyed with it unique expressionism, and a totally different interpretation of what is even viewed as craftsmanship. It attempted to separate the chain of command of culture. It is apparent through Ruscha’s work, that he had comparative interests towards moving cultural standards and perspectives. My assessment of Ed Ruscha’s work is two-sided. I think that its difficult to see from his work of art any otherworldly relationship to what he has made. From my point of view, I can’t perceive how his work is celebrating to God, nor what the worth the words in a great deal of his work are including. The implications appear to be uncertain, and some even appear to be mushy and effortlessly done. Be that as it may, I do discover works of his, for example, Standard Station, and Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights, to be alluring to the eye, and they draw my consideration interestingly. I do like the style of his craft, be that as it may, I don’t have a clue whether I can unquestionably get a handle on his implications. In general, I accept he is a decent craftsman, who has a ton of ability, and an inventive eye. Despite the implications, I locate the viewpoint he takes on the world, that he appears through his craft, to be interestingHighlighted in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Eye to I is an assortment of representations from the 1900’s to today. One of the portaints highlighted in the assortment grabbed my eye. Molly Soda’s piece stood apart to me as a result of the undeniable pertinence to the present internet based life use, and all the more explicitly online character. Online life began as a way to associate with others and offer parts of your life however you need. In any case, that all out control given to clients on what gets posted, what channels get applied, and what hashtags are labeled, are giving individuals the specific apparatuses they have to create an all around flawless life, and structure an online character. Found in the photograph is Molly, holding an iPhone, presented and prepared to take a selfie. The foundation is dull, bereft of everything, deliberately. Molly decided to snap the picture that approach to exhibit precisely that it is so natural to conceal something in an image. We don’t have the foggiest idea what she is concealing yet it is something she doesn’t need her web based after to think about. Rather than snapping a photo and posting it absent a lot of thought, Molly can adjust the image to cover up or exhibit anything she desires utilizing just her telephone. Electronic life has managed us a unique opportunity to create a really observable, unending record of ourselves, yet through an automated medium. It is, in a way re-building up the idea of character, with clearing results. In addition to the fact that it is giving the instruments to replicate our characters, yet it is additionally tending to a characteristic human dread. That we will be disregarded by others and that our own recollections will begin to blur, changing the person that we are. >

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