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Graduate education is designed to transform the way students view their personal and professional worlds. After reviewing the website about this program, what

is it about its mission that appeals to you? Talk about how it will bring you closer to achieving personal and/or professional goals. Please be specific.(


As an adult student, you will likely be juggling many different roles and responsibilities when you begin your rigorous master’s program or graduate

certificate. You, like most of our students, will need to plan to set aside a great deal of time to be successful. How will you make space in your life for

this kind of intense educational experience? If you are looking at a one year degree program, what makes this year a good one for you?

Graduate online programs require a high level of self-awareness and reflection. What is the value of this kind of thinking in your professional life?

Graduate study focuses on creation of original ideas and theories. This requires a comfort level with ambiguity or not having a clear right or wrong answer.

Can you give an example of how you react to ambiguity?

Sample Solution

They as a rule execute goats, dairy animals or sheep right now. At that point, the meat will be dispersed to 3 sections which are for family, family members or companions and last will be appropriated to needy individuals. In any case, they accept that Ibrahim and his child Ishmael were guided by Allah to manufacture ‘Kaaba’ the square tone working in a spot name Mecca. Along these lines, that is the bearing that all Muslims petitions implore towards everywhere throughout the world. (Nurul Azliah Aripin, 2015) Worth and BELIEF A worth is the conviction that individuals think it is ideal. It is something that individuals trained us and we trust it and follow the convention set by precursor. Thus, these societies have been educated from one age to next the age until today. Other than that, diverse culture has their own qualities and fundamental conviction. In Malaysia, Chinese ethnic and Malay ethnic gain proficiency with their worth and conviction of possess culture. This is known as Enculturation and obviously unique culture has diverse conviction. For Malay culture, they are known as Muslim supplications. The entirety of the Muslim petitions appeal to their god – Allah. For Muslim supplications, they firmly trust Allah is the universe leaser. Allah is likewise the significance of God in the Arab language and they just trust Allah is the main God in Islam. Other than that, Muslim petitions used to go to Allah 5 times each day is on the grounds that they accept they can get a few advantages thusly. Muslim supplications can implore anyplace, yet it will be better if there is a Mosque for them. For instance, Muslim supplications will accumulate in Mosque each Friday and implore the Al-Quran. (BBC, 2014) One of the ladies is stripped and one is dressed in run of the mill Renaissance period attire. Regardless of the condition of the lady, both are respected for their body since it is normal. There are likenesses in both of the ladies, for example, the substance of both. They likewise both have long ginger hair twisted. The manner in which their countenances are built however isn’t the means by which they used to paint before this time. The focal point of the composition is the ladies and the kid however shows to such an extent. I accept that the artistic creation is indicating how the two may have lived. The lady dressed in white cloth may be progressively consecrated, she may be increasingly included inside the Church. The lady bare may have been one “revolting” per state in this time. She was investigating new things, for example, religion and the better approaches for the Renaissance. Through the Renaissance, so much changed and advanced to time now. The impact that it had on workmanship and writing right up ’til today is as yet found. Through the Renaissance, religion has advanced a great deal to and we can thank that time for opening up the entryway for our strict convictions to be communicated uninhibitedly. Ed Ruscha was conceived in Omaha Nebraska on December 16, 1937. He was destined to his Father, Edward Ruscha, and his mom Dorothy Ruscha. His family likewise included two kin. One was a sibling, named Paul, and the other, a sister, named Shelby. His family was of the Roman Catholic religion, and his dad was particularly right and severe. His mom held a greater amount of an enthusiasm for expressions of the human experience, and acquainted this with Ed and his sister. Ed’s dad conveyed the control of a reviewer for an insurance agency, which in the long run drove him to move his family to Oklahoma City. They stayed there for the accompanying 15 years. While in Oklahoma City, Ruscha started to wind up keen on drawing kid’s shows, because of a neighbor of his who was a visual artist. In the end, it was the ideal opportunity for Ruscha to get off to school. He applied to the Chouinard Art Institute in California. He later proceeded with his examinations at the California Institute of the Arts. During his time at school, Ruscha worked at Plantin Press for around a half year. He worked in the business craftsmanship industry for some time, fundamentally doing promoting, despite the fact that he additionally did design for two or three distinct organizations. >

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