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Identify a topic of interest to you related to the course. Prepare five critical thinking questions related to your topic.  Read 5 research articles from academic journals (NO POPULAR PRESS) relevant to your topic. Do not use dissertation abstracts. Complete your literature search in any of these data bases: PsycArticles, PsycINFO, or Proquest Psychological Journals. All articles must be on the same topic.  The topic must be included on the title pages.  Write a brief summary of each article (one page minimum, double spaced).  Each summary must include a complete reference (author, title, journal, year, volume, pages).  Start with the most current articles (this year and earlier).  All papers must include a title page, one introduction, 5 summaries, 5 detailed abstract and citation records printed directly from your data base search, and one conclusion.  You must include a copy of the detailed record of each article you review immediately following your summary. Use the following as a guide.


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