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Lab AssignmentsWorth 50 points apiecePlease download this document to complete and submit: CIS431_Lab3_HealthyRecipeAppPart2.docx
Complete the labs based on the following:Complete all of the steps in the lab document. Submit the completed document in the online course shellEach image in the document must contain the validation signature as described here .Any and all written answers must be entered into the online course shell with the submission of the attached lab assignment.
Weekly Lab BreakdownWeek DueGraded Lab Exercises1None2Hello World3None4Healthy Recipe App Part 15Healthy Recipe App Part 26Concert Ticket App7Medical Calculator8Chicago City Guide9Easton Music App10None
Each lab assignment will be graded based on the following:The program must compile, execute, produce correct results, and meet all of the specifications in the weekly lab.Additionally you must:Organize the code for user readability.Organize the code for reusability.Provide documentation with embedded comments for reader understanding.Organize the code for efficiency.

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