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Create a Neuron Analogy of your own!

Relate the concept of the nerve impulse to something you already know. Make an analogy between what you have learned about the way neurons send and receive information to something – anything that you know very well. It could be anything at all – I use a a balloon analogy in my face-to-face classes, TV program, baking, sailing, or going dancing. Tie the concepts you have learned in this class to your analogy.

Create something: a power point, web-page or video that teaches how a neuron fires by comparing it to what chosen in a very clear way. First, write out how each concept (list below) works in the neuron, then talk about how that is like your topic of choice; like in the example I use in class – a balloon releasing confetti is like the release of neurotransmitters. You can look at several examples of past student projects. Specifically, at least include

the resting potential
threshold of excitation
action potential
all-or-none law
release of neurotransmitters
Relate this process in a clear way as if you are teaching someone this process. Also, make it visually interesting/appealing.

Sample Solution

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