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You are writing a Myth Paper Proposal. For the final paper, you will analyze and draw conclusions from an ancient myth called “Alcyone and Ceyx”.

You will need to fill out a template that I attached to files. There are blank boxes with questions that you will have to answer, and write them down in the boxes.

You will see questions about ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Here you have to write down the source that you used, indicate why it is an expert source, and how you will use this source in the research. Because, it is a research paper proposal, you will have to write a paper after writing this proposal, and you will need to use the same sources that you will indicate in the proposal, and that’s why you should choose the sources wisely, so you can use it in the future to write a research paper (I will assign you to write the research paper later).

PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMAT OF THE TEMPLATE. Don’t use very complicated language.

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