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  1. A charge of 10.0 nC is distributed between two small spheres. The distance between the spheres is 30 mm. The electrostatic force between the spheres is

0.100 mN. Find magnitudes of the charges.

  1. Two capacitors are connected in series, their equivalent capacitance is 2.2 nF. One of the capacitors has a capacitance of 2.6 nF. The charge of the system

is 260 nC. a) Find capacitance of the second capacitor. b) Find voltages across the first and the second capacitor.

  1. Electric current i in a wire (measured in amperes) depends on time t as i = 2 + 4t. Find the charge that passes across the wire from t = 2 s to t = 4 s.

Find the average current.

  1. Electron and proton having the same kinetic energy enter a region with homogeneous magnetic field perpendicular to the velocity vector of the particles.

Compare rotational radii of the two particles. Ignore the interaction between them.

Sample Solution

One characterizing purpose of the prog rock type is the exhibiting of specialized prowress. Among an ocean of phenomenal artists, Yes developed as a band willing to exhibit it to then point where perhaps the greatest analysis of their collection “Delicate” (the collection that characterized their lineup) was that separated from the specialized aptitude of the artists, there was basically no other point to the music… “[with the discharge of] Fragile, the organic product is finally starting to mature. A few issues remain, notwithstanding: They’re acceptable and they know it, so they will in general capitulate to flaunt disorder. Their music frequently appears to be planned distinctly to dazzle… ” (Cromelin, 1972). This statement from Rolling Stone shows one of the greatest social backfires to the class of prog. There was a developing inclination of discontent towards dynamic stone, specialized dominance and the complexities which were never again being met with a similar reaction of appreciation they had once receieved. The start of the punk development, the reply of aptitude and the mind-boggling want to separate the boundaries to playing an instrument eventually overwhelmed the prog development and was one reason for the ruin of dynamic stone. Groups like Yes and Pink Floyd set a trend for aptitude that didn’t agree with the lower financial gatherings that couldn’t manage the cost of the rigging like that being utilized on these notorious chronicles. (Gibbs, 2018) Pink Floyd: Commercialisation of Prog and the Downfall of a Movement The uprise of the punk development wasn’t the main enemy of the prog development, be that as it may; prog passed on from inside its own type, when substantial hitters Pink Floyd began to make business progress. Famous collection “Clouded Side of the Moon” is venerated as the best prog collection ever (Rolling Stone, 2015), with it being one of the most noteworthy selling collections ever. The collection grandstands splendid, focussed songwriting, with topics of ravenousness, the progression of time, emotional wellness and demise. 76. The collection features extraordinary guitar work from virtuoso David Gilmore, propelled recording techinques (for example tape circles which can be heard on the start of the Money), however more along these lines, it appears to discard the symphonic thoughts of King Crimson and prior prog works, for nearly space like mood. Melodies like “Us and Them” and “Take (In the Air) are soaked in reverb, and postpone giving the tunes a light skimming feel. Be that as it may, the overwhelming commercialisation of such an effective record is one of the early indications of the ruin of prog. Business achievement was inconsistent with the causes of prog, and with Pink Floyd coincidentally hitting gigantic radio play for melodies like “Cash”, “Wish You Were Here” and “The Wall”, there was a format being made for how to be a fruitful prog band. More groups before long followed, mixing prog with progressively edible, radio well disposed tunes – Kansas with hit melody “Carry on Wayward Son”, and Boston with “In excess of a Feeling”, at last signlling the finish of the prog class and the start of the Stadium Rock kind. About Essay Sauce This page of the paper has 1367 words. Download the full form above. Vaporwave is a melodic subgenre and culture that worked out as expected in the cutting edge advanced age. The expression “vaporwave” was begat in 2011, by record maker Will Burnett subsequent to hearing crafted by numerous craftsmen of the time (Galil). Vaporwave is an American based sort with establishes in chillwave, surrounding and vanguard music. 77. The subgenre depends intensely on visual craftsmanship; a tune is indistinguishable from the collection spread or workmanship made with it. Basic themes incorporate the shopping center, old outdated innovation, Greek busts, Japanese workmanship styles, and the sea (Chandler, Escaping Reality). These pictures, however apparently customary, consider American commercialization, and the certainty of the fall of private enterprise. Craftsmen in the vaporwave “tasteful” align themselves intensely with a gathering called the Situationists, a worldwide radical gathering dynamic in the late ’50s who announced that “Free enterprise conceals its actual nature by diverting us with an unending arrangement of ‘exhibitions’” (Chandler, Music of the Spectacle). The scene, as they trusted it, enters through the lives and brains surprisingly by mass measures of media and purposeful publicity in each territory of day by day life. The objective of making music in the vaporwave kind is to make you see pictures – like a shopping center or room – and never again feel great or typical in those spaces. What starts off as a moderate interpretation of an old 80’s nostalgic hit, turns into the clashing acknowledgment that material things don’t last. Simultaneously, a significant number of the specialists in the Post Cold War Era of the late 1990s and mid 2000s needed to make a socially comprehensive perfect world for audience members (Chandler, Genre As Method). This appears to be an inconsistency; for what reason would one make a socially comprehensive bit of work when their own goals are radicalized on the opposite finish of the range? >

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