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Do you believe that it’s better to start with a ‘fresh’ employee or an experienced employee when trying to train them to do things your way? Explain.

Classmate answer
I believe it is better to start with a “fresh” employee. This employee will be trained without any previous knowledge or experience making it able for the company to train exactly how they want. An experienced employee will always have previous procedures of doing things that may be against your policy. Having previous knowledge and experience can lead to the employee doing things their way. Their way may or may not be the way you want employees to operate. There are some industries where it’s better to have an experienced employee though. For example, a cashier at Publix may be able to work as a cashier at Walmart. The only difference would be the operating system the cashier uses at Walmart. It would still be the same concept of checking customers out, but on a new system that is very similar

Question 2
Is the forced distribution (forced ranking) method a fair way of doing performance evaluations? Why or why not?
Try to look at from both the perspective of an employee and the perspective of the organization.
Classmate answer
I believe this to be a fair method or performance evaluation for big business and not so fair for smaller ones. From both employer/employee perspectives it is hard to deny the data the numbers on the list that clearly show performance, and for administration and those who meet their goals it is reliable information. For a bigger business this method may set clear goals and even raise incentives with friendly competition or rewards. A smaller business employee may view this method to be not as fair. In a situation with less employees this may prohibit opportunities for employees to learn from one another. It would sour relationships and build a hostile environment. I believe for a smaller business there are better methods when it comes to performance evaluation.

Question 3
There is a saying, “Many hands make light work”.
If this is the case, then why is it so difficult sometimes to work in groups? What are some remedies for these difficulties?
On class projects, would you rather work by yourself or in a group?
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There are certain activities that can be done more productively as a group. When it comes to group activities I believe the important variable for success is clear goals, evaluation, management and leadership. Even many individuals of different skills and opinion can come together when they have these key factors.
It is up to the supervisor to set these goals and appoint a leader. To periodically evaluate, manage and act upon performance of the group and the individuals. Building an efficient team will sometimes take change and a supervisor may need to replace or remove a certain individual for the sake of the group.
On a class project I would rather work alone, depending if it was on line or not is also a factor but I rather my work stand on its’ own when it comes to my individual grade.

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