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In Module 7, you interacted with content about racial disparities at different stages of the court system. A contemporary issue related to race, ethnicity, and equity in the justice system involves calls for bail/pretrial detention reforms. For this assignment, you are required to identify pros and cons (at least two of each) of bail reform and then take a position on where you stand on this issue and why. Before you begin this assignment, review this interactive article about the pros and cons of bail reform (also consider the relevant video links and optional readings). In your review, pay close attention to what has been referred to as the “New Jersey Model” for pretrial reform that replaces cash bail with a multi-stage review process that combines risk assessment technology with judicial discretion.

Step 1: Identify at least two pros and two cons of bail/pretrial detention reforms that generally aim to limit or eliminate the use of cash bail and replace it with alternative approaches.

Step 2: Using the New Jersey Model as a reference, state whether or not you support moving to a similar model in Florida. Make sure you explain your position

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