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Select/research a company that has a defined pension plan for its employees.

Provide a brief company history (when founded, current numbers of employees, location of headquarters, industry, major products and/or services, revenues).

Pension plan history.

Examine and briefly explain their pension financial strength or financial concerns.

Have they modified the pension plans for their employees? What were the modifications?

What are the pros and cons of offering pensions? Do you believe pensions are good for business? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

A semi-established questionnaire fashioned the research layout, so that it will generate the unique information needed for this examine, which incorporates the usage of both closed and open-ended questions. Closed questions can produce statistics, permitting a quantitative evaluation with a predetermined time table and little flexibility in the respondent’s answers, with open-ended questions permitting the respondents to freely answer questions of their personal phrases, imparting more qualification in their reaction, forming qualitative data (The university of Sheffield, 2014). The questionnaire first of all gives an advent to the studies subject matter, which is then accompanied via 15 questions about the problem (parent 3.1). each section of questions provides very short instructions on how to solution the questions, making sure individuals are privy to how to finish the questionnaire with the closed and open-ended answers. maintaining the questions as quick and easy as viable become essential, to be able to boom the probability for the participants to apprehend the question being requested, ensuing in more correct responses (Cairns and Cox, 2008). once a sufficient variety of responses were gathered, the questionnaire was then taken offline to be analyzed. three.2 individuals as the questionnaire turned into fashioned on line, a hyperlink become created and forwarded in an email to all police forces inside the uk. This e-mail contained statistics approximately the researcher, the purpose of the questionnaire, and instructions of ways it could be completed (discern 3.2). As time is so crucial to law enforcement officials, it became vital to send out the questionnaire to the complete police populace so that it will gain a sufficient quantity of officials who had the time to complete the questions. at the same time as there have been some of police forces that felt they did not have the time to assist with the studies, quite a number forces agreed to assist. those forces then forwarded the preliminary e mail directly to their cops, asking them to finish the questionnaire. 50 cops completed the questionnaires completely, however a sufficient quantity of members began the questionnaire and did now not end, making their responses exempt. This type of technique created a comfort sample, a common sort of non-opportunity sampling, due to the researcher the usage of folks that have been to be had and inclined to complete the questionnaires from a pick out population. these members volunteered to answer the questions, and consequently are a convenient sample (Explorable, 2009). 3.three analysis The analysis of information in particular describes how the collected records can be analyzed, which inside the case for this studies is through two one of a kind techniques. For the qualitative detail of this research, that being the open-ended questions, a thematic evaluation might be conducted. A thematic analysis is a method for identifying, reading, and reporting patterns inside statistics, that may describe information sets in element (Boyatzis, 1998, web page seventy nine). when studying data embedded during the questionnaire, subject matters and ideas are discovered (Rubin and Rubin, 1995, web page 80). these themes seize essential records about the information on the subject of the studies question, representing a level of patterned reaction (Braun and Clarke, 2006, page 82). The responses from this studies can be coded in a scientific manner, collating information relevant to every query. these codes will then be devised into capacity subject matters, while ensuring each subject relates to the studies goals, developing a very last possibility for analysis, with the aid of selecting extract examples and generating a file of the analysis (Braun and Clarke, 2006, web page 87). This sort of layout affords a bendy studies tool, permitting detailed information to be accounted for. The quantitative detail of the studies could be analyzed via SPSS, calculating what number of responses were carried out to every query, and therefore offering a quick and efficient method of compiling the responses together. It ought to be cited that while this study is not always statistically great, it’s miles a suggestive>

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