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  1. I need 2 of the 4 questions below answered, you can pick which ones, standard 5 paragraph essay with at least 5 citations each:
  2. Evaluate the following statement: The Trump administration was wise to “terminate” the North America Free Trade Accord in favor of USMCA for two reasons: better environmental and labor protections. Explain why you agree or disagree?
  3. Evaluate the claim: The advancement of global warming has led to an increase of global trade in the Artic and enhanced competition among the Russians, Chinese, and the USA.
  4. Evaluate the claim: Due to the aggressiveness of the Chinese, due to the failed presidency of Trump, and due to the economic weaknesses of ASEAN, President Biden was correct to enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  5. Evaluate the claim: Allow entrepreneurial liberty or economic freedom, allow foreign capital investments with few protectionist policies, allow for liberalization of the internal politics, and watch AUTHORITARIANS liberalize their economies and democratize their politics.

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