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For this writing assignment, you will be writing a combined narrative and descriptive essay which will be based upon your choice of ONE of the following topics: 

1)  The first time we try something new can be exciting, frightening, and enlightening. Tell about an important “first” in your life and what you learned from the experience.

The paper MUST have the following attributes:

Length: Two to three complete pages which MUST be DOUBLE SPACED, have INDENTED PARAGRAPHS, be typed in Calibri or Times New Roman fonts, be spell-checked and grammar-checked (also use Grammarly.com and have it looked over by a Writing Lab tutor PRIOR to submission for the best grade possible.)

Remember, this should NOT be a typical journal entry or rough draft.

Prepare to write multiple drafts and make it the best it can be for the best grade possible.

As this is a narrative essay, be sure to tell a story and be descriptive, using a plethora of sensory words and adjectives to accurately describe your response in a detailed, graphic and interesting way. Have a clearly defined introduction complete with a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph and three subpoints which explain your position, a well-written body and concise conclusion.

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