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The Capstone Project is a culmination of all the courses you have taken in the
program and displays your work with one client. You will follow the outline given
by your instructor to create a paper that encompasses these areas:
Identifying Information
Behavioral Observations
Precipitating Factors and History of the Problem
Sources of Information
Developmental and Historical Information
Cultural and Other Diversity Information
Diagnostic Formulation
Conceptual Formulation
Treatment Plan
Treatment Summary
Ethical and Legal Issues
Please make sure include all of the feedack that you gained each week as we
reviewed each draft together.
1 / 2
This assignment is due on Sunday at midnight (PST). Please make sure to use
APA style and write a minimum of 10 -12 pages with 8 -10 references, plus cover
page, table of contents, and reference page. This assignment accounts for 30%
of your grade. You will receive a grade out of 100 points. I will provide you with a
rubric as well that explains how well you’ve done on each domain.

****I would like the paper to bef about a woman who has experienced sexual trauma as a child and due to this she has problems in her marriage with her husband when it comes to being sexually intimate with him. I need a appropriate treatement plan for the woman and the marriage and an appropriate therapy technique for example cognitive behavioral therapy and other methods to help the woman and her marriage. I have attached below the format for the paper given to me for the set up of the paper and the full description of the paper. If you need me my email is [email protected]

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