We can work on Health report card and key health indicators

Review your State health report card and identify key health indicators related to health outcomes, health behaviors, and quality of health systems.

Now that you have reviewed your state’s statistics and key health indicators, let us look at how they influence your community. Please create a digital poster, answering the following questions:
Provide a brief socioeconomic and demographic overview of your community (racial and ethnic composition, age, demographics, income, educational attainment, military presence, and occupation).
What are the major causes of illness, injury, and death in the community?
What health issues and behaviors are most concerning to local citizens and community leaders?
What barriers exist for residents to achieve better health?
What resources exist to support communitywide goals and strategies to address the health issues identified?
Create a poster highlighting your community and population, answering the above questions. Tips to creating a professional quality digital poster are listed below:

Sample Solution

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