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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, access the APA Template (available in the online classroom) for assistance with the writing process, formatting, documentation, and citations in your written work, and watch the video Social, Emotional, and Physical Development (Links to an external site.).

Becoming a professional in the field of early childhood education requires you to become familiar with the various developmental theories, as well as research that studies the effectiveness of various learning approaches. Throughout the last two weeks, you have learned about these different theories and approaches to learning. After engaging in discussions with your classmates, you now have ideas about which theories and approaches you would like to use in your work with children. Using the steps below, you will sort through these theories and approaches to shape who you are as a teacher and what you believe about how children learn best. This assignment will also help you prepare for your final assignment.

Step 1: Reflect back on your initial response in the Aspects of Theories discussion from Week 2 and the Learning Approaches discussion from this week. Using the theories and approaches that were discussed, fill in the table below by ranking each according to how you connected with them (“most connected” at the top and “least connected” at the bottom; delete the example row provided). Please note that you will need to create your own table or graphic organizer.

Sample Solution

Program Music: Richard Strausss “Wear Quixote” Prior to the sentimental music time, the writer composed music to modify the sound in the most ideal manner. In light of these objectives, they follow some quite certain thoughts and don’t withdraw from them. At the point when a sentimental time comes, authors need to communicate different things with their own music. This is the point at which the idea of program music shows up. Program music is typically instrumental music, there is no word to clarify the story or occasion that the arranger has decided to clarify with his own music. Presumably the best of his program music is German author Richard Strauss. His musical sonnets are “demise and change” (portraying his entrance into paradise and kicking the bucket), Don Juan (in light of Don Juan’s antiquated legend), Till Eylen Spiegel’s “Glad trick Episode), Don Quixote (character of Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote’s life scenes), “Saints of life” (an untitled saint of life) This assortment frequently incorporates Strauss itself) and Sinfonia Domenica (dramatization drawn), including marriage of the writer himself, laying the child down). As indicated by the report, Strauss once said that music can communicate anything, even tea spoon. Decipher (Please duplicate a piece of Borges’ short story here as a powerless guard as Pierre Maynard, creator of Don Quixote, “I would prefer not to make another Jillade, which is simple – , Don Quijote Needless to state, I never considered the mechanical record of the first content and I didn’t intend to duplicate it. “Reliably …” What you ought to compose is really composing. Static scholars might be composing unwittingly whenever. It is conceivable that you are composing a sentence that you can not see to make sentences you can not see, and this kind of sentence is consistently and continually happening in any event, during rest. There are essentially two various types of Castile in Don Quixote. The old Castile is just Don Quixote, however the remainder of the characters talk contemporary Spanish. The old Castilla of Don Quixote is a diverting asset – he replicated the language utilized in his insane knight’s books; ordinarily he can not fathom him in light of his language when he spoke It is excessively old. This cleverness impact is presently difficult to peruse, as the peruser must have the option to recognize the two old adaptations of the language, however individuals will turn out to be celebrated once the book is distributed. (English interpretation can be acknowledged by letting Don Quixote utilize King James Bible or Shakespeare English, and even Middle English.)>

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