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Convince your local public library to offer self-serve kiosks so patrons can check their materials in and out.

  1. Write a proposal of not more than 650 words that evaluates the operational, technical, and economic feasibility of these kiosks.
  2. Draw use-case diagrams that illustrate how a patron would interact with the kiosk. These diagrams should illustrate all of the interactions in enough detail to derive functional requirements for the kiosk.

Assume that all materials and library cards carry a unique bar code.
The patron should have the option to receive a receipt for items checked in or out.

  1. Write sample instructions on how to use the kiosk. The library intends to post these instructions on a sign next to the kiosk, so they must be short (not more than 350 words), clear, complete, and well organized.

Sample Solution

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