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you will watch and participate in at least 2 online yoga classes (do not do on the same day). I have posted a link to a beginner level Yoga class down You can use this one or one of your choosing (see list down The first online yoga class must be at least 30 minutes long. The second can be of a length of your choosing. Please select a class that is appropriate for your current fitness level. If you have any medical conditions that prevent you from being able to do yoga safely, please let me know and send me a medical note (from a healthcare provider).

After the class, compose a reflection (2-3 paragraphs) in this discussion. In your reflection, please respond to the following:

1. Describe the 2 classes did you select? Was the yoga class easy? Hard? Boring? Informative? Why?

2. What was your favorite thing about the class? Least favorite?

3. What specific poses did you like? (see book)

2. Will you try yoga again? Why or why not?

Here are the directions and the yoga options to choose from

Choose 2 classes to complete over the course of the week. 1 class must be at least 30 minutes. Please note that it needs to be a yoga class (not strictly meditation). The other class can be shorter in length.

—- (Reflect on your experience by posting a reflection the directions are up read it carefully please )—-

YOGA sites:

Yoga for Beginners ( Yoga with Adriene) – If you have not done yoga before, this is a great video to watch because it will help you with your alignment and she walks through the form of the basic poses.Yoga For Beginners – The Basics – Yoga With Adriene (Links to an external site.)Yoga For Beginners - The Basics - Yoga With Adriene

Other Yoga Sites (because these are free sites, you may get a commercial pop up):

Do Yoga with Me – https://www.doyogawithme.com/ (Links to an external site.)
* This site has a variety of free classes you can select from. You can browse for what you might like, but please choose a yoga class (not just a mediation)

Yoga with Adriene – https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene/featured (Links to an external site.)
* Adriene is a popular mainstream instructor and offers a lot of videos. She tends to be lighthearted and not take things too seriously

Fightmaster Yoga – https://www.youtube.com/user/lesleyfightmaster (Links to an external site.)
* Leslie has a nice voice over on her videos. There are a variety of videos to select from including some more advanced ones for those that have done yoga before.

Kino Yoga – https://www.youtube.com/user/KinoYoga (Links to an external site.)
* Variety of classes to select from

Ekhart yoga – https://www.youtube.com/user/yogatic (Links to an external site.)
* Variety of classes to select from

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