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Thank you for your professional contributions throughout our course so far! We really have been fortunate to have such a talented group of colleagues to collaborate with during our course!

A. Our Final Exam has been posted early and consists of the following three questions–listed below. Please, answer each question in a MS Word document and then post / submit your work to the designated area within our course. There is no set length for this exam. Instead, our focus is to bring in our textbook, outside references, your experiences, etc as sources to cite / explain / discuss within your exam. The Final Exam is available early, as of today, as an additional resource for you and is due by / on December 4th. If there are any upload challenges, you can also email your work to me too. As always, please feel free to let me know when I can be of assistance. Hope your day continues to go well!

Question One: What sorts of motivators, processes, and best practices should managers of virtual organizations adapt from the open source movement? Feel free to bring in additional research as well.

Question Two: According to our readings and the findings from prominent researchers, what issues exist in regard to managing information?

Question Three: What are the roles executives need to play in managing the use of IT?

Make sure to present your work in APA format.

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