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Attached is the City Shuttle Inc. Case that this Human Resources report will be written about. This is a team project and each of us are assigned one problem. My problem will be the first problem identified within our report, which is the difference between part time and full time employees (benefits, health plans etc). The rest of the problems that the other group members are working on (to avoid repetition in areas of the report) are: – Female discrimination (mass receive more bookings) – Since they have no HR department, issues are not properly addressed and casual drivers can’t communicate w the organization – Harassment (the company has preference over customers rather than when an employee is been harassed) – Casual drivers (not enough hours and they cover overnight shifts, where they are harassed) – Pursuing union representation Please complete this section of the report in 2 pages, double spaced, and include 2 outside sources that relate to the issue of the differentiation between the part time and full time employees. Instructions for this report are also attached for further clarity.

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