We can work on Honesty versus Withholding Information

Practice Dilemma

Create an ethical and legal decision-making dilemma involving an advanced practice nurse in the field of a nurse practitioner:
Honesty versus Withholding Information

Describe one ethical principle and one law that could be violated and whether the violation would constitute a civil or criminal act based on facts.
Construct a decision that demonstrates integrity and that would prevent violation of the ethical principle and prevent the law from being violated.
List three recommendations that will resolve advanced practice nurses’ moral distress in the dilemma you have presented. Support your paper with a minimum of three scholarly references.

Sample Solution

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recognizable pattern in the space of VLEs is the advancement of Open Source Course The executives Frameworks, an illustration of which is Moodle (Petrova, 2005). As per Nagi and Suesawaluk (2008), Moodle is a permit free open source programming stage. This involves that Moodle might be utilized, reallocated, or altered by the necessity of the client totally for nothing (Nagi and Suesawaluk, 2008). Meaning, scholastic establishments and instructors might adjust the default source code of Moodle to their ideal determinations without paying charges to Moodle’s unique maker for utilizing their product. Hence, this permits instructors the advantage of having full command over the highlights utilized as well as their own understudy and educator information. As per Boskin (2020), the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown caused a significant downturn from which worldwide economies are simply expected to recuperate by late 2022, and that is provided that an immunization opens up on the lookout. Besides, the closure of schools, intensified by the related general wellbeing and monetary emergencies, presents confounded difficulties to understudies’ learning. Consequently, Moodle’s moderateness brings VLE, LMS, and CMS innovation inside the span of understudies and educators with restricted specialized and monetary assets. Particularly during the financial decay achieved by the pandemic, Moodle’s without permit programming stage wipes out the advanced split among special and the hindered understudies because of its minimal expense. Its openness for all may likewise be the essential justification for its wide fame, even before the approach of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Moodle E-learning Stage: Boundaries Battles with Moodle’s Educational Methodology Instructional method alludes to the “cooperations between instructors, understudies, and the learning climate and the learning undertakings” (Murphy, 2008 p. 35). In layman’s terms, teaching method basically implies the technique and method of how educators instruct, in principle and practically speaking. With regards to e-learning, VLEs don’t seem to help a specific instructive methodology (McAvinia, 2016). Notwithstanding, as indicated by McAvinia (2016), the innovator of Moodle states that Moodle utilizes an unequivocally friendly constructivist instructional method. The constructivist instructional method is named a student focused or understudy focused educational methodology wherein information is built by students through a functioning, mental course of improvement, and students are the developers and makers of importance and information (Ozola, 2012). Some exploration recommends that while the understudy focused approach, which exemplifies constructivism, can be exceptionally successful to understudies’ learning and scholastic execution, it is still commonly hard to gauge reliably (Westbrook et al., 2013). This is on the grounds that there are not many appraisal devices assessing this particular instructive methodology, and for all intents and purposes no evaluation apparatuses for constructivist-type VLEs. The said not many evaluation devices accessible are additionally moderately new, so not much extensive examination has been finished to test its dependability and consistency. One such appraisal instrument explicitly made to quantify the understudy focused educational methodology, barring constructivist-type VLEs, is the as of late evolved Estimating and Further developing Understudy>

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