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Watch the “QA: Harassment in the Workplace” video.

Respond to the following:

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination. What is a significant misconception that you believe many people have about the law that relates to sexual harassment?

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advantages and disadvantages. Beginning with renewable sources, biomass, which is the primary fuel source for gasification, can also be used as a fuel source to power other hydrogen production methods. It is the use of trees and/or other plant matter for combustion to produce heat which may be converted to electrical energy. The results of burning wood are not all bad, ash can be used as a fertilizer and although carbon dioxide and other undesirable compounds are released in this process, these compounds and specifically the carbon dioxide were taken out of the environment by the trees, which would not have been planted if biomass weren’t a viable fuel source. It is important to note that incomplete combustion results in various toxic, volatile, and/or carcinogenic compounds. Also to be considered is the transportation of trees to the “biomass boiler”. If done on a small scale this process may be minimally impactful, but large-scale operations require harvesting from a larger region which means more transportation needs.16 Overall biomass is an option and it being a renewable power source makes it appealing, but it is not a clean process by any means. For wind, solar and hydroelectric energy sources, the environmental impact once the infrastructure is in place is very low or near none, however, the weakness is that they can generally only be placed in certain locations, so this is not viable everywhere. Biogas makes use of the waste humans produce, instead of looking to natural sources for fuel. Energy production using biogas involves the fermentation of waste from several sources, primarily including manure, agricultural waste, food waste, and municipal waste. One very positive aspect of this method is the consumption of unwanted waste and its applicability to so many kinds of waste. However, this wide array of sources leads to a large mix of compounds being present in this fuel source, meaning that when combustion occurs, even in an ideal complete combustion scenario there are still many unknown compounds being released. As well there is the consistent issue of transporting fuel to the site of combustion, and unlike biomass, it is highly unlikely that waste is being produced near this site, especially in the case of municipal waste. Beyond their environmental impacts, the non-renewable sources are problematic simply in that there is only so much available, so dependence on these would be, and is a large issue. Beyond this, the specific types each have their own unique drawbacks and strengths which render them valuable in this discussio>

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