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Discuss social determinants of health. What are they and how do they contribute to the development of disease? Describe the chain of infection. What are some ways community health nurses can break this chain? Provide specific examples.

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In the United States, 65% of the coal produced in 2017 was through strip mining, and other methods include mountaintop removal and underground mining. Mountaintop removal uses many explosives, and both it and strip mining greatly deface their surroundings, and an additional issue with mountaintop removal is that the mountaintops contain more than coal, which leaches into local water supplies when the rubble settles. Underground mining releases large amounts of methane which is usually trapped with the coal, and additionally, acidic runoff can come from abandoned mines. Once the coal has been extracted it has to be burned to extract its chemical energy, which releases large amounts of a large mix of chemicals, including SOx and NOx compounds, which can lead to acid rain.17 Nuclear power, when it operates successfully, can be quite a clean fuel source since a small amount of fissile material can release massive amounts of energy. However, these materials must be extracted somehow, which carries many of the same concerns as coal mining, in addition to the radiation. There is little or no emissions from the use of these radioactive materials besides steam, depending on the style of reactor, but the expended waste does have to be dealt with. This waste can be stored either below ground or in a continuously manned facility, both of which, again, if successful, will prevent leakage of radioactive materials, along with the materials they’re stored in and/or with.18 Natural gas is commonly accessed through fracking, which is an environmental hot-button issue. The issues associated with fracking, however, are considered to be less significant than those for any of the techniques discussed above for coal. Beyond the extraction itself, all steps of natural gas production are bound to leak some amount of gas, to the point where nearly 32% of the total methane emissions from the united states came from these leaks. Once it has been extracted it then needs to be burned, either at the site of extraction or at some secondary location. Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than coal or distillate fuel oil, but it still does release large amounts of carbon dioxide, and smaller but significant amounts of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and others.19 Energy sources, while important and significant when examining the environmental impact of hydrogen fuel cells, is only the first step in the hydrogen supply chain. The next is the actual production of the hydrogen gas. There are three main methods by which hydrogen is produced and these are gasifica>

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