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Google Case Study

Case Study Requirements

Each case is worth 5% of course grade.

The following are the minimum case study requirements:

Each case study MUST consist of at least four pages (no more than five).

Cover page (one page) – A 10 point penalty will be deducted from the case study grade if any of the following information is not included:

· Your name (Please don’t make me guess your identity)

· Date

· Name of course

· The case study name

Then write your paper in complete sentences in third person voice using a narrative writing style.

NOTE: This is a written business case study. Therefore, proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc. are REQUIRED. This is not a series of text or Twitter messages!

Content Pages (2-3 pages: a minimum of 750 words but no more than 1000 words of content).

Fully answer the questions at the end of the case in a report format. You may provide section headings for each question, but do not number and just answer each question separately. Please make sure to use sources for your information.

Any references (and you should use at least three different references) should be done in APA format.

GRAMMAR REQUIREMENTS (10 points) (One (1) point penalty for each violation of these basic directions.)

· Document MUST be left justified in a portrait format.

· Black (no other color!) 12 point Times New Roman or Arial typeface only. (Five (5) point penalty for each page submitted with any color other than black).

· No background color on any page is acceptable. A five (5) point penalty will assessed for each page that contains a background color.

· Write in third person voice (he, she, it, the company, etc.) only. Do not use first person (I, we, and us) or second person (you, them) voice.

· Your content MUST be broken into paragraphs. The first line of all paragraphs should be indented. Whole blocks of type are not acceptable. A 5 point penalty per page submitted with no paragraphs.

· Numbers 10 or larger, type the number. Less than 10, type the word (one, two, etc.)

· Financial figures are to be written as $50 (not fifty dollars); $1,500 (not one thousand, five hundred dollars); $1M (not one million dollars); $3.2B (not three billion, two hundred million dollars).

· Never end your sentence with a preposition like ‘to, from, by, with, between, before, after or during’. (E.g. The company could not have anticipated where the threat came from.)

· Always use italics for the name of a source (magazine, book or newspaper title) e.g. Wall St. Journal.

· NEVER use the words ‘sticking’ (instead use ‘placing’ or ‘inserting’ the product into the market); ‘everyone’ (no product appeals to/or is used by everyone-ever!), ‘stocks’ (it is ‘stock’) or ‘came up with’ (use ‘developed’).

· Always capitalize the first letter of proper names.

· When you attach your project to the online drop box, use SINGLE MS Word file or PDF attachment IN THE ORDER YOU WANT IT PRINTED AND READ. No multiple MS Word or PDF file attachments will be accepted. (10 point penalty per attachment for multiple documents submission).

· Always include page numbers on the bottom right corner of each page.

· Text MUST be double spaced. A 5 point penalty per page not double spaced.



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