We can work on Gender Roles In Advertising/ Women as sex objects

Advertisement is one of the major weapons that people use to communicate about their brand and gain popularity among other homogenous products. Presently, the advertisement is one of the core activity that many businesses use to attract and maintain their customer base in their market environment. I have selected this topic because in daily routine, we come across many advertisements in a wide range of environment in the areas we go. In most of the scenarios, companies use the opportunity to promote their brands as well as maintaining their business quo. In the same time, some adverts that use women pictures appear differently with others and sometimes sells a notion of inferiority and poor image among the female gender. As a result, some of the adverts portray women as sex objects more than human, therefore, diminishing human dignity and the human status. The advert tends to show a non-human character that end-up with a bad opinion. The ultimate goal of an advertisement is to attract a certain customer base with a purpose of making them use a certain brand of product. In contrary, some adverts attempt to bring a picture that lacks to show the key reason for that advertisement and in turn appear as a way of undermining women in the same process. Therefore, the key reason for this research paper is to explore the gender roles in advertising especially to women because of the stereoscopic nature of men who try to negatively influence their roles of advertising in the society. A female gender is a unique group of people that share many roles even in other areas of the society. However, people who fail to respect their presence commit an offense of violating their rights hence cultivating a bad picture that can influence the social fabric of the society.

First, advertising companies use gender to provide a real picture in attracting customers of that specific brand. It important to notice that a female gender always portray an attractive, pleasant look that makes them more sustainable for adverts that require a lot of attraction. It is evident that when advertisers are in need of building the good picture in the brand of products they aim to dispose to the female customers, pleasant appearance of attractive female pictures are used. During advertising of a certain outfit in magazines and billboards, women are set to appear young, slim and fit to the desired standard and attractive to users of that specific brand. The advert has the ability to send a message to all people on the fitness and the acceptability of the outfit worn. In that regard, the pool of customers creates an interest to test and try the outfit upon the awareness. According to Dah al et., (2009), an advertisement can be greatly responsible for eliciting views to the people in the society. In instances where an erected billboard portrays a half-naked female picture, it influences people to undermine the female gender and view them as sex objects. The opinion by the people come as a result of the conclusions that are made after viewing the image exposed in the erected billboard. In addition, some of the projected half-naked pictures in the media viewed with the purpose of advertisement, create conflicted opinion, some people believing to be immoral whereas other assuming female gender to be sex objects. Therefore, people should not put more significance on what the media want to portray members of the society, but they should rather take on how people interact with others

Second, gender is important in ensuring an advert of a specific item reaches the desired customer base. For instance, when a company is planning to advertise a female outfits or consumables such as skirts, it uses a female picture on the advert in the written and print media. The advert cannot be applied to the male gender because they are not related with the outfit. Every gender plays a critical role by advertising the brand of product that belongs to them. Although female gender is assumed senseless domestics and sex machinery, they take a critical role in the field of advertising (Pang, 2007). The feminine and the tender nature make women suitable in the adverts of many items than men. Though there is no evidence, it is believed that female talk more than their counterpart and more cautious than male. Alternatively, in national and international media, women are used in advertising laundry items such as detergents and therefore a strong tool in the field of advertising. It is obvious female are assumed inferior and persons of lows status but male should respect and adore their effort. As a result, the male should not retain their traditional stereoscopic nature of viewing women as sex objects but should view them as an icon of change and prosperity of the whole society. Despite women have several domestic roles in the family set up, their abilities should never be underestimated. The extensive development in the field of advertisement can be attested to the abilities of women who dominate in the advertising field for many products. The male assumption and the ill-treatment of the female gender are not only barbaric but also inhuman and immoral to treat the other human as non-human. Therefore, it is my conviction that the male opinion will continually change and observe the significant roles that women play in advertising.

Third, female gender is known to be hardworking and devoted to performing many chores that lead to creativity and innovation in the advertising field. According to Plakoyiannak (2008), despite the perennial imbalance of power between the genders, female in businesses are making great strides in marketing and advertising of products. It was earlier noted that the power that a woman can use in performing duties if transformed to the field of advertising can be very progressive. In that fact, by changing altitude and creating interest, the abilities noted on women are great. Parallel to the duties that they perform in other areas, women have proved to be powerful tools that can steer both businesses and the country ahead. In instances when female related products are advertised, for example, cosmetics, women always come up with designs to project the best image and create attraction to the target customer base. Moreover, women possess skills that sometimes make them more desirable than their fellow male counterpart because of their tolerance and their strong speaking strength.  Due to the market dynamics, entrepreneurial women always come up with different methods of reaching to their customers. Therefore basing the previous assumption of how women are taken as sex objects, their dedication and devotion to breaking the old belief have developed their freedom and dignity in the perception of the whole female gender. In that regard, women no longer retain the previous image of sex object that undermines human status in every society.

In conclusion, it is evident that women are presumed negatively by their fellow men despite the role they perform in the advertising industry. Therefore, gender plays a great role in advertising in an attempt to bring this barbaric action to an end.  It is imperative for both genders to participate and collaborate to improve the advertising processes as they develop a close interaction to end the old fallacy of women being sex objects. The interaction between the two genders helps to solve the issues of men and women equality, lower the stereoscopic nature as well as building the dignity for each side. According to Pang (2007), people should support advertising media that foster efforts to end gender stereoscopic issues and practices that discriminate women. It is key to recognize the fruitful role that women play in the advertising field in an attempt to end the unacceptable belief of human segregation. In this regard, it is also important to recognize the potentials power of advertising that may show a realistic image and change how men perceive women. If men change the way they perceive women, the traditional belief can come to an end. On the other side, women can deliver themselves by playing their position gallantly and raise their strength in performing their duties better than men. It is also essential for advertising media to shun the practice of using half-naked female when advertising a certain brand of product. This will equally steer the effort toward ending the male perception of women.


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