We can work on Film discussion

Watch: “Lady Bird” 2017 directed by Greta Gerwig

Movie Link: https://fmovies.to/movie/lady-bird-z12vm/1-full

The textbook readings to answer these questions will be in the files and links below:

  • https://openstax.org/books/psychology/pages/14-2-stressors
  • https://nobaproject.com/modules/adolescent-development
  • https://nobaproject.com/modules/self-efficacy

Part I: Film Notes/Personal Reflection: Think back to being an adolescent and reflect on what you thought you knew and what you know now. If you are still an adolescent, reflect on what it means to be you at this moment. Can you or someone you know (or knew) relate to Lady Bird– a High School student who is exploring her identity, experiencing family and friend conflicts, engaging in romantic relationships, learning new things, etc? Explain. If you don’t relate to Lady Bird briefly discuss how your adolescent experience differed or differs. (“look beyond”…demonstrate critical thinking.)

Part II: Psychological Application and Analysis
Apply concepts from the following readings and handouts in Weeks #12 Stress, Adolescence, Identity and Self Efficacy 11.14.2022

  1. Stress: provide one example of a chronic or an acute stressor or daily “hassle” that you observed in the film.
  2. Adolescent Development–apply 2 concepts to the film and 1 example for each concept: parental monitoring and/or psychological control and/or academic achievement and/or romantic relationships and/or peer relationships/influence, and/or depression/anxiety)
  3. Identity Formation/Identity Statuses: apply 1 stage to the main character from the Identity Status Handout.pdf; explain why you think the stage is appropriate for the main character and include an example from the film.
  4. Self-Efficacy: How would you describe the main character’s sense of “self-efficacy”? Which one of the influences on self-efficacy discussed in the readings do you think contributes to her sense of efficacy and why? Provide an example or examples from the film.

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