We can work on Example of classical conditioning from your own life

Question 6
DQ1 Identify and describe an example of classical conditioning from your own life. Be sure to use the classical conditioning terminology to explain the example.
DQ 2: Why do psychologists prefer negative reinforcement to punishment as a way to shape behavior?

Question 12

DQ1 Why is it difficult for an individual with a psychological disorder to identify and find the correct treatment of a physical illness? What are some ideas for correcting this problem?
DQ 2: Why are psychological disorders difficult to treat? Why, at times, there is no consistency between diagnosis and treatment?

Question 13

DQ1 How would a psychoanalyst and a behaviorist treat a person with an anxiety disorder?
DQ 2: Would you agree that psychoanalysis is person-centered, even though it is not called this?

Sample Solution

Overall, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have introduced a new and modern way of approaching the fashion industry and has shown how important it is to build a relationship with consumers by using influencers to make a brand more desirable and be something that is a necessity. Social media has also shown how people like to be in the know and be able to feel a personal connection to a brand. In the next chapter I will be looking at how the high-end brand Burberry uses social media on regards to the topics I investigated and discussed in this chapter. CHAPTER 2: Burberry For my research I decided to analyse how high-end and high-street brands use social media and influencers to benefit their businesses. I will look at marketing strategies, how they interact with their audiences and how they approach body image. Burberry is a well-known British brand that captures the quintessential style of Britain. They are known for their classic designs and timeless silhouettes that are sentimental to British history. Burberry may appeal more to an older audience but in recent years they have become more desirable to a younger audience due to influencers advertising the brand. In terms of the market this strategy this will increase sales to the brands target audience, social media helps this happen because they can approach the right people. An example of Burberry doing this is sharing pictures of celebrities like Stormzy (fig.1) who are relatable and is someone that an audience has watched grow to the point where he is able to wear a luxury brand like Burberry. Using someone like Stormzy also shows that Burberry have a sense of diversity and that anyone from any background can wear and use their products. This helps with marketing because Stormzy’s audience and followers will want to investigate the brand and see it as something they would want to wear. In terms of Burberry and their way of portraying body image, they use celebrities indirectly to show all shapes and sizes are accepted and can shop at Burberry. An example of this is the repost of James Corden (picture) wearing a Burberry suit and a red-carpet event. This is another example of attracting a different audience, due to James Corden being known for his comedic and not so glamorous role in the TV series ‘Gavin And Stacey’. Corden’s audience will consist of younger and more realistic people, therefore this advertisement will show that anyone can buy Burberry and that like Stormzy it is achievable for ordinary people to wear a luxury brand and feel supported by them, no matter what their body type. Another example would be the singer Adele and her contribution to the plus s>

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