We can work on Routine activities theory.

Outline the routine activities theory. What is needed for crime to occur? What types of guardians are needed to prevent crime? What activities do you do on a regular basis that may leave you vulnerable to crime?

Sample Solution

In terms of Burberry and their way of portraying body image, they use celebrities indirectly to show all shapes and sizes are accepted and can shop at Burberry. An example of this is the repost of James Corden (picture) wearing a Burberry suit and a red-carpet event. This is another example of attracting a different audience, due to James Corden being known for his comedic and not so glamorous role in the TV series ‘Gavin And Stacey’. Corden’s audience will consist of younger and more realistic people, therefore this advertisement will show that anyone can buy Burberry and that like Stormzy it is achievable for ordinary people to wear a luxury brand and feel supported by them, no matter what their body type. Another example would be the singer Adele and her contribution to the plus size fashion industry. Adele has been seen numerous times wearing Burberry at red carpet events and her own shows. This is important for the growth of a brand because if people feel at all excluded then they will not support a brand. Therefore, the use of a curvy woman on Burberry’s social media platforms will appeal to plus size women. Moreover, in terms of empowering women, social media and the blogging world have been a positive for the plus size industry, curvy girls have been able to express themselves and their views on the ideal body. Social media is constantly covered with slim body types and thin models; this is one of the main reasons for people feeling dissatisfied with their bodies. Bailey and Ricciardelli (2010) found that “upward comparisons are one of the strongest reasons for body dissatisfaction. Women who are heavy viewers of television – particularly of thin – ideal media – are presented with a multitude of thin actresses and models to which they can compare themselves.” Social media platforms such as Instagram have allowed plus sized girls and models to show that there is no ideal body and that all body types should be accepted and deemed as ‘normal’.>

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