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Instructions for creating your graph:

  • Place time on the horizontal access (X Axis). Values should range from 1650 to 2100.
  • Place number of people on the vertical access (Y Axis). Values should range from 0 to 20 billion.
  • Make sure that your graph is readable and you have the correct labels for the X and Y access and a title for your graph. You may choose to legibly hand draw your graph, or make your graph in Microsoft excel or a similar program.
  • Include an extra data point on your graph for the year of your birth.

Use your graph to estimate answers to the flowing questions:

1. It took 1649 years for the world population to double, going from .25 billion people to .50 billion people. How long did it take for the population to double once again?

2. How long did it take for the population to double a second time? A third time?

3. Based on your graph, in what year will the population reach 8 billion?

4. Based on your graph what will the population be in 2050? 2100?

(for the based on your graph questions, you will need to draw a best fit line an estimate into the future to predict the values)

I can provide numbers for graph later

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