We can work on Ethnographic research methods in Selected Perspective

Compare/contrast what you’ve learned about ethnographic research methods in Selected Perspective (and other Module 1 materials) with how Kenny discusses methods in Deeply Rooted in the Present. Please use the following questions as E guide:
Provide a brief overview of the culture that is the focus of the book. What was the author’s main research question? (i.e., What did the author want to find out? What theoretical issue or issues guided the study?) What difficulties, if any, did the anthropologist encounter in conducting this research? What field methods were used in collecting data? How long was the anthropologist engaged in the study? Use references to course readings, materials, concepts, terms. etc. to support your points.

Sample Solution

A problem that can occur here is that not all the students can absorb the same information and knowledge in the same way as other students and therefore need more help than others. The most common pupil who needs who has these struggles is someone with ADHD. It is often said that the students can make it on their own in school without the teacher’s influence which is absurd. The teacher is there for the student in all situations in order for the students to learn in the best way possible and how they should fit in the society they are in. Task 2 This second task is going to focused on free writing in forms of groups of 4-5. Here the students will be given from the teacher one picture to each group , but each group will have different pictures from each other. Before handing out these pictures i will give them clear instructions to them so they know what to do exactly before leaving the class for group studies. The teacher explains clearly that they will make a story with their imagination with help of the picture that they got and make a story out of that picture. The story will be written in maximum A4 paper with the help of the group. Every student in the group have to take a part of the group work because they will later be prepared for questions from the teacher and the other students. They will be given 20 minutes writing their own story and then they have to return to the class. The pictures from each group will be shown on the whiteboard or on another display with different letters on them, A-B-C-D. Each group has to hand in the stories to the teacher because now the teacher will have to read them out loudly. The other groups will have to guess what picture it suits best with the text, they chose with saying out the letter that’s on the picture. The teacher will get the students attention and keep them focused when telling the students that they will have to guess the picture to the letter. That will give the pupils curiosity and give them motivation to keep them focused during the whole task. They will as before learn interactive listening but now they will be able to have the opportunity to write and create an own story in forms of groups. They are developing their language by writing a full text and being a part on creating a story along with the group. They will also focus on the past and present tenses in english and develop that as well. The spelling is not the important task here it’s their development of the english language and speaking , as well as working in groups and discussing in english. The students and the teacher will later on ask questions such as ‘’ What made you and your group write this kind of story?’’ , ‘’ how did you feel when writing this story?’’, ‘’what did the picture tell you and what did you feel about the picture?’’. Here the teacher will see an insight of how the group work was made , and who was more active and cooperating. The teacher will give every student in the group the opportunity to speak up. “ Language strategies to understand and make oneself understood when language skills are lacking, such as through reformulations (Lgr11, 34).” A problem here in this task is that a student in the group can get less active in the group work compared to the others in the group, that will give the others to cut him/her out of the group and that will give the student less motivation and less confidence about the english language. This is why the teacher has so go out and see that everyone has a part in this group work when they are working outside the class for 20 minutes. The teacher should not just be checking on them but to praise them and give them some kind of encouragement and motivation. The students in this task will be given the opportunity to communicate (by asking questions to each other) and will feel more comfortable using the english language in their everyday life. Task 3 In this last task the teacher will be making the students focus on the english grammar. They will be working with different texts individually where they will have to fill-in the gap and correct grammatical errors. The students will be given a A4 text whe>

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