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Posted on February 2, 2019 Updated on February 2, 2019

1. What are the two main categories of electronic commerce?

2.List several activities that might be considered business processes.

3. List several activities that might be considered a part of business-to-government electronic commerce.

4.Name the technology that businesses have used since the 1960s to exchange transaction information electronically.

5. What is a value-added network?

6.What drove the burst of enthusiasm that led to a rapid growth of investment in online business during the first wave of electronic commerce?

7.What are some of the drawbacks to a strategy that attempts to capitalize on the first-mover advantage?

8. What specific Internet technologies led to a growth in electronic commerce in developing countries during the third wave of electronic commerce?

9.In what specific ways can businesses use online social interactions?

10. What is crowdsourcing?

11. How can online businesses use data analytics to increase sales?

12. Briefly explain the difference between a business model and a revenue model.

13. What is a shipping profile?

14. Briefly explain why many industry observers believe that describing the history of electronic commerce as a series of “booms and busts” is incorrect.

15. Why is most business activity conducted today in hierarchical organizations rather than in markets?

16. What is a network economic structure?

17. List four primary activities that might be conducted in a particular business value chain.

18. Briefly explain why an online business can find it difficult to establish trust with its customers.

19. In what ways does localization differ from language translation?

20. Briefly describe the functions performed by a freight forwarder in international electronic commerce.

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