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Assignment 11Here is the second most doable discussion students will have in our course. As you know, all assignments are evaluated in a Pass/No Pass basis to eliminate the stress of earning exactly the grade you desire to earn as a final grade. The only graded assignment is the Exit Survey, which is an Applied Cumulative Questionnaire of the materials learned in this course. It will be released exactly one week before our course ends.

Students often ask, “What do you want for an A? B? C?” Over the years, it has become clear to me that students already know the answer to this question. In fact, when students are asked to evaluate each other’s work, they are often much tougher than teachers are.

Here is the prompt for this Discussion and only two posts are needed.

Many of you are experts in some area. I remember I loved inter-collegiate debate as a college student, and I could easily say who did a great job during a debate round and who had flubbed it. What are you an expert at? What are you good at?

Post 1: Share what you are an expert at. If you had to evaluate someone at that activity, what would be required for an A, B, or C? Make sure and explain your grading scheme to include style, content and the performer’s skill or comprehension, and anything else you find appropriate.

Post 2: Comment in a non-superficial way to a colleague’s post.

Both posts are due on Monday, March 15, with the usual 3 Day grace period.


Go to our Syllabus and copy and paste the grading scheme here.

2. How does a student earn an A in our course?

3. How does a student earn a B in our course?

4. How does a student earn a C in our course?

5. What grade are you trying to earn in our course?

6. How many Homeworks (including this one), Discussions and Logic Journals have you completed? Are there any you need to redo for credit? List them here.

7. How many more in each category do you have to complete and pass in order to make your desired grade a possibility? What does it mean to pass an assignment?

8. What else must you do in order to achieve your desired grade?

9. How many weeks are left in our course?

10. When are Professor Yang’s Office Hours? Is an appointment necessary? How do you attend one? Can you call or text?


Since achieving the actual percentages cannot happen here because of too few assignments, let us agree to the following for each grade range.

C: 3/5 Discussions (Introduction Discussion Counts!), 5/8 Homeworks, 2/4 Journals, Exit Survey Score 70%

B: 4/5 Discussions (Introduction Discussion Counts!), 6/8 Homeworks, 3/4 Journals, Exit Survey Score 80%

A: 5/5 Discussions (Introduction Discussion Counts!), 7/8 Homeworks, 3/4 Journals, Exit Survey Score 90%

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