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Looking back at your knowledge of curriculum mapping at the start of this course: How have your perceptions, thoughts, and ideas on this process changed?

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The main factor of permeability is Darcy law (appendix 1), the important parameters of lectures are presented in white bored without any other materials which could help the person to understand in better way. I have found during the lecture that some workers found difficulties in understanding the main idea of the topic. In my point of view, the lectures could be presented in an interesting way if the presenter use some other materials behind white bored for example pictures, power point, graphs, and videos related to the topics. 5.3 Radiation test of CT scan Radiation test of CT scan is performed to determine the amount of radioactive waves emitted from CT scan. This test is an essential for all the workers inside the laboratory due to the harmful emitted waves. The test done by the lab engineer using a special device that measures the emission of radiation waves. Recommendations I have noted during the test that some works do not have enough idea about the risks of radiation waves and they do not wear a special lab costume that prevent them. My own feeling on the subject is that there should be some rules and actions taken by the responsible person in order to maintain the safety of employees also educate the staffs about the risks of radiation waves. 5.4 Oil spill The department safety manager performed a task of Oil spill, the oil was spilled on the ground without informing any of the workers in order to test the ability of employees in dealing with various safety situations.What�s more, the manager discus around the safety issues as well as the accidents that can be cussed by oil spill and the correct way of how to deal with similar situations in future. Recommendations The task was completed in a useful way and improve the workers knowledge about safety in the work place. In contrast, while running the task the safety equipment was not found in the proper place also some workers do not have a complete idea of using the equipment. In my opinion, the department should assign some workers to check the safety gear monthly also place it in its proper p In summery the six weeks of internship program has been an interesting experience in Weatherford labs. The training program is mainly to enable the students to apply all the theatrical and practical knowledge in real world to meet the industrial needs.>

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