We can work on Current Issues in American Government and Politics

  1. The Trump cabinet. Pick one or several cabinet members to study – was there controversy in their confirmation? Are their actions thus far questionable?
  2. Trump himself – analyze his actions in his first months/years in office.
  3. The media and his relationship with media, fake news, censorship
  4. Social movements – describe some of the social movements occurring in this country around our current political situation. Who is protesting? Why? What are their tactics and strategies? Are they effective?
  5. Polls and public opinion related to the president and congress
  6. Policies/laws of the Congress and President (some examples):
    a. Obamacare and repeal/replace

Sample Solution

of an extended records, it stays hardly ever an clear-cut term. After the awful partition of India in 1947, the communal rights in one-of-a-kind elements of the united states have become a commonplace sight to witness. Even inside the twenty first century, when India stands in the race of the quickest developing international locations of the world, faith stays a touchy issue. . We seem to stay content material in a global where most effective spilling of blood can wake up patriotism inside the hearts of the human beings and sacrificing one’s life at the time of warfare is considered a martial glory. that is the point of view that we inherit blindly, with out considering alternative perspectives that defy the concept of nationality linked to bloodshed and in flip defines international locations, countrywide obstacles and history in a unique manner. Many excellent artists have undertaken the task of depicting the plight in their very own art bureaucracy and style. Be it the debutant riots of partition in 1947, depicted via Khushwant Singh in teach to Pakistan (1956) or Saadat Hasan Manto’s numerable quick testimonies or the Gujarat riots of 2002 or the very latest riots in Muzzafarpur and Bisada villages of Uttar Pradesh, the concept of nationalism is challenged anywhere. Amitav Ghosh offers one such view in his brilliantly crafted 2nd novel, The Shadow lines, a 1988 novel by way of Amitav Ghosh, based totally on the 1964 communal riots which took vicinity in Calcutta, Khulna and Dhaka, and the way the demarcation of the countries remain blurred and shadowy. Ghosh’s The Shadow strains depicts three generations in a own family saga that spreads over 3 locations – Dhaka, Calcutta and London. The book is split into components, “Going Away” and “Coming home”. inside the first section, the narrator draws the image of a warfare-ravaged London and additionally depicts the family rapport between households- one British and one Bengali; over a couple of time frames. Mayadebi whose son Tridib enchants the narrator together with his story telling and in- intensity information of many places is the valuable pivot of the tale. A love courting between Tridib and may rate, the daughter of the costs, develops when may also returns to Calcutta. The narrator learns about the warfare from Tridib, his inspiring mentor and uncle, who envisions the younger narrator of the a long way off locations. inside the second phase of The Shadow strains, Ghosh pays attention to communal strife in Calcutta and Dhaka due to the lack of the Prophet’s hair from Hazratbal shrine, Srinagar. all through this novel, Ghosh attempts to draw attention to the futility of political freedom and the damage it causes to the overall people. As the writer claims thru the voice of the narrator, “it’s far like stepping via a reflect”. consequently, query of why do we want barriers to define ourselves, which result in wars and bloodshed is time and again raised all through the unconventional. The ravages of struggle and the anguish it reasons, specially at the middle magnificence strata of society, is a strain running at some stage in this novel. within the Shadow lines, each person is depicted from the narrator’s attitude in which the lives of the foremost characters — Thamma, narrator’s grandmother; his uncle Tridib, Ila, his remote cousin; Robi, Tridib’s brother; and can, Tridib’s English liked— take exclusive paths due to modifications in politics. Thamma, who supported the motive of Indian Independence throughout partition, discovers the brutal facet of nationalist politics whilst she witnesses her nephew, Tridib, getting murdered in a 1964 communal strife in Dhaka. Tridib’s murder shell-shocks may. She does now not return to India after her lover’s death. Ila and her uncle Robi>

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