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The field of continuous improvement is constantly changing. With new initiatives implemented on a regular basis and varying methods used across many professions and fields, it is important for an evaluator to review current literature related to continuous improvement as well as to actively participate in sharing knowledge with colleagues. Not only does this provide new information and strategies for practice, it may help an evaluator identify areas of continuous improvement that need to be investigated further or improved upon. As an evaluator, it is essential to identify areas in need of improvement within organizations, but just as important is the need to assess where continuous improvement research can be explored and expanded. In this Assignment, you identify and analyze gaps in continuous improvement research and develop research questions to address them.
To prepare for this Assignment, reflect on your learning and insights gained throughout this course with regard to continuous improvement research. Then, review peer-reviewed literature related to continuous improvement and identify at least one gap in the research that you believe needs to be addressed.
Assignment length: 2–3 pages
• Develop a research question based on the gap you identified.
• Provide a rationale for your research question and the gap you identified. Make sure to include citations to Learning Resources and at least two additional peer-reviewed journal articles.

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