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Watch the Paper I Guidelines Video [7:15] as you review the assignment requirements below: Discuss the purpose of nursing theories, models, and frameworks in general. Choose one of the following Conceptual Models of Nursing: Johnson′s Behavioral System Model King′s Conceptual System Levine′s Conservation Model Neuman′s Systems Model Orem′s Self-Care Framework Roger′s Science of Unitary Human Beings Roy′s Adaptation Model Detail the concepts of the specific theory, model, or framework you have selected. Detail the implications of the chosen theory, model, or framework for nursing practice. Include the implications for your specific area of nursing practice. Refer to the Writing and APA Style Resources link on the Course Menu as you prepare your Microsoft Word document with the following criteria: Written in APA 6th edition format Double-spaced with one-inch margins 12-point Times New Roman font No longer than seven pages, including the title page and reference page: The body of the paper, including the introduction and summary, should be three to five pages in length. This will include a literature search through the UA library′s databases on the given topic. You will need to use sources such as scholarly journals, books, or texts. Do not cite sources such as Wikipedia or other Internet sources that are not scholarly. Do not use more than 2-3 direct quotations. Paraphrase the references.

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