We can work on compare the budgets of two municipalities

As discussed in Week 3, for the final project, you will compare the budgets of two municipalities (cities) or nonprofit agencies. Therefore, you must obtain copies of the budgets for the cities or agencies, which are generally available online. The purpose of this project will be to see how funds are distributed amongst the agencies within the entities in order to determine the priorities.

For this week, you will continue to write and add your analysis to the project by adding 5 to 6 pages of content and creating the following:

A report on your activities describing what you did and found, and your approach to analyzing the data.
An analysis of your findings for both entities (city or non-profits).
You should have all components of the project written, including your recommendations.
All components of the final project should be included in one single report. This report should be similar to the reports that the budget analysts would have created for one of the cities or nonprofit agencies. Therefore, you should take on the role of a budget analyst and finalize this report.

The finished project should be a budget analysis document that will be a minimum of 10 pages in content length in addition to your front/back matter, typed in double-space using Microsoft Word, and formatted according to the APA style. The document should include the following:

Cover page (front matter)
Review of literature about the selected entities and types of budgets used
Analysis of the budget for the cities or agencies and the priorities
A bibliography or work citations (back matter)
Appendix (optional back matter)

Submission Details:

Create your report in a Microsoft Word document

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