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  • Discuss the most important thing you learned this week about the Consequences of Social Stratification and how it helps you understand human behavior.
  • must be 100 words or more and no references or cover sheet

    For Sociologists, the disparity in income and wealth is important because of the affects that it has on behavior.

    As you know, Sociology looks outside of the individual to explain behavior. And there is no stronger predictor of the affects on an individual’s life than class position and there is no strong component of class position than economics, i.e. income and wealth.

    According to the textbook authors, “almost every behavior and attitude we have reflects our social class, at least somewhat.” (p. 151) The authors continue that the choices “you make are influenced by your social class.” (p. 151) “But social class differences go beyond mere preferences to real consequences.” (p. 152)

    The authors conclude, “Knowing a person’s social class will often tell us more about an individual than any other single piece of information.” (p. 152)

    That is the topic to which we now turn our attention.

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