We can work on Child and Elder Abuse

Examine forms of domestic violence against vulnerable populations.
Communicate the impact of mathematical results in a discipline-specific situation.
Characteristics of Abusers in Domestic Violence Situations
Write a 3- to 5-page paper on domestic violence against vulnerable populations.
Choose one vulnerable population from the following list:
Mentally ill
Racial or ethnic minorities
Socioeconomically disadvantaged
Conduct online research to locate two abuse cases within the last 5 years of someone from that vulnerable population you chose. Then summarize the cases, identify the forms of abuse involved, and examine the overall effects on the victims. Provide examples to support your findings.
Provide at least three statistical data points you consider critical to increasing society’s awareness about the serious issues related to the abuse of the vulnerable population you chose. The data points should be from your residential state. Include why knowing this information is essential.

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Section I: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY Introduction The country is encountering a basic deficiency of medical care suppliers, a lack that is supposed to increment in the following five years, similarly as the biggest populace in our country’s set of experiences arrives at the age when expanded clinical consideration is vital (Pike, 2002). Staffing of emergency clinics, facilities, and nursing homes is more basic than any time in recent memory as the huge quantities of ‘gen X-ers’ start to understand the requirement for more continuous clinical mediation and long haul care. Interest in turning into a medical caretaker has disappeared lately, likely because of the historical backdrop of the extraordinary and requesting instructive cycle, low compensation, firm and extended periods of time, and fast ‘wear out’ of those rehearsing in the calling (Wharrad, 2003). A complex oversaw care climate in this country is restricting the dollars accessible to be spent on nursing care. Numerous wellbeing callings, particularly>

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