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Find applications of artificial intelligence and expert systems. Identify an organization with which at

least one member of your group has a good contact who has a decision-making problem that requires some expertise (but is not too complicated). Understand the nature of its business and identify problems that have been supported or can potentially be supported by intelligent systems. Some

examples include selection of suppliers, selection of new employee, job assignments computer

selection, market-contact method selection, and determining admission to graduate school.

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Sample Answer

here are some examples of applications of artificial intelligence and expert systems:

  • Medical diagnosis: AI is being used to develop systems that can diagnose diseases more accurately and efficiently than human doctors. For example, IBM’s Watson system has been used to diagnose cancer and other diseases with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Fraud detection: AI is being used to develop systems that can detect fraudulent transactions. For example, banks use AI to detect credit card fraud.
  • Customer service: AI is being used to develop chatbots that can answer customer questions and provide support. For example, many companies now use chatbots to provide customer service on their websites.

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  • Stock trading: AI is being used to develop systems that can automatically trade stocks. These systems can make trades faster and more accurately than human traders.
  • Product design: AI is being used to develop systems that can help designers create new products. For example, Nike uses AI to design shoes that are more comfortable and efficient.

Here is an example of an organization that uses AI and expert systems:

  • Amazon: Amazon uses AI to recommend products to customers, personalize their shopping experience, and improve its search engine. Amazon also uses AI to develop systems that can detect fraud and improve its customer service.

Here is a problem that Amazon could potentially use AI to solve:

  • Product selection: Amazon could use AI to develop a system that can automatically select products for customers based on their past purchases, interests, and reviews. This would allow Amazon to recommend more relevant products to customers and improve their shopping experience.

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