Antiquity in the Renaissance: Artists and Humanists

Antiquity in the Renaissance: Artists and Humanists

Renaissance writers and artists focused on the rediscovery of knowledge possessed by antiquity; they also celebrated the centrality of the individual and his abilities, especially in the figure of the artist. Classical Rome in particular (but also Greece) was drawn on as a model of political, cultural and aesthetic identity.
Discuss the themes of 1) the recovery of classical antiquity and/or 2) the role of the individual artist or humanist in the life and work of two of the following: Renaissance artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo and/or Machiavelli
What did these artists and authors take from the classical past? How did they use and reshape that legacy?
What evidence do you see of a new, Renaissance theme of the role of individuals in art and history? For Raphael and Michelangelo, use the accounts by Vasari; also draw on the readings in Art History reader.

Antiquity in the Renaissance: Artists and Humanists

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