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Course Objectives:

  • CO3. Create a framework for developing one’s own ethical and moral philosophy.


The Week 7 Final Paper is the culmination of all of the ethical theories and philosophers we have studied in PHIL200 and is an extension of the Week 3 Paper Proposal Assignment. Please consider the following:

  • Please re-read the directions on the weeks 2 and 3 assignments.
  • At least half of the paper should discuss the theory and then you will apply it in arguing for or against some position on the contemporary topic.
  • The paper should be between 1500 – 2000 words.
  • Please submit as an attachment, MS Word or Word compatible document, double-spaced with one inch margins (consider using one of the attached templates based on your chosen style, APA or MLA).
  • Please use the citation style of your program of study. The reference page/bibliography does not need to be annotated, but you should have properly formatted in-text citations and a complete reference page.

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