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1. In at least one full paragraph, please summarize Immanuel Kant’s approach to moral issues.

2. Then, in a second full paragraph, please summarize John Stuart Mill’s approach to moral issues.

3. In a third paragraph, state and explain what you believe to be the most important difference between these two views. (You might also discuss any *similarities* you noticed between these two perspectives.)

4. Then, in at least one full paragraph, please describe an ethical decision that you have had to make. This could be a very simple, every-day decision – or one that you really struggled with. (For instance, you could talk about the decision whether to keep a particular promise. Or, you could talk about a decision whether to volunteer at a charity event. If you have any questions about this please let me know!)

5. Lastly, briefly explain how you think Kant and Mill would each approach the issue you chose. Who do you think offers the better answer to your particular issue? Please explain.

Essays should be at least 500 words and should follow the standards set out in the “Guidelines for Written Assignments.”

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