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A university student is investigating whether following a vegan caffeine-free diet leads to better exam performance. She recruits 30 participants and divides them equally between the two conditions. She decides to use Bayesian analysis to analyse her data and asks for your help! Specify a suitable model and justify your choices. (R code is not necessary in your answer.)

(answer with few sentences )

Example Data

Participant ID


Exam Outcome










Sample Solution

udents has included their overall discomfort , different orientations towards their professors, having different learning styles and holding hostility between age groups. Personal life barriers, financial responsibilities and different learning styles are known as the wide variety of characteristics in adult learners, compared to a traditional student. However, these barriers can be overcome by the aid of the educational institution and the course tutors, as it’s their responsibility to do so by any means. Thus, resulting in the learner feeling comfortable and welcomed when they return to the classroom. The disadvantage of this journal article is the date it was published. Consequently, 2005 is outdated in terms with the adaptation movements of modern technologies, bearing witness to limited evidence of change. From reviewing these 3 literature pieces, the similarities are evident in that the main concern is not established. Discussion and the development of research questions were created following these to make the main concern confirmedly known. From this discovery, the researchers created an open titled question to ask individuals who they knew were thinking about going back into studying higher education. Method Design research Devised by part of a group created by four researchers, 5 questions were prepared to find out what the main concern was to adult learners who were returning to higher education. All questions were operationalised in the making of the interviews being conducted in the same manner. Moreover, m>

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