We can work on John Henry Newman

In what ways do three of the authors we have read for this unit echo this sentiment? Use quotations to document
your answer. Be sure to include the quotation in the beginning of your paper and provide an overview of which
authors and essays your papers will discuss in the introduction. Always discuss and cite three readings in your

Sample Solution

hoice of setting for the structured interview was in a controlled environment. Researcher and chosen participant were present only. Each researcher asked one participant that was known to them. There were no exclusion criteria present. With the purpose of writing up transcript word for word, considerations to ethics was evident in the recording of the interview process, as permission was asked for and given prior. The researchers ensured participants were fully aware of the purpose of the research and understood their rights. It was designed for these to be read out at the start of the interviews, explaining that participation is voluntary and that they are free to refuse to answer any questions and may withdraw from the interview at any time. Likewise, deletion of the interview recordings after the data was analysed was made known for their protection. Results Q1. Do you have family or outside responsibilities? It was found that the 2 participants have different family lives. Participant 1 has no children and participant 2 has three. Q2. How long have you been out of education and why is now your chosen time to return or thinking of returning? Different amount of time separates each of the participants in how long each has been away from education. Participant 1 has been out for 5 years and participant 2 has been in and out of education during the last year. Q3. Have you looked in depth at your chosen area of study an>

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