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Special Needs Class Observation A. Group Observed: 1. Age of the children (approximate)? 3-5 years. 2. How many children are present? 7 children 3. How many adults are present? 5 4. What are the disabilities that children have? Speech and language 5. Moderate, Severe, Medically Fragile, Autism? Only Autism. B. Teacher Observation: 1. Do a running observation of the teacher for 20 minutes. Write down everything the teacher says and does. 2. Break the observation up into 5-minute intervals: i.e.: 9:05 am: 9:10 am: 9:15 am: 9:20 am: (4-5 sentences each). C. Final Thoughts: 1. What did you like or dislike about this program? 2. Would you like to work here? Why? Why not? (This assignment must be typed.) D. Classroom Drawing 1. Draw the room you are observing. Label the interest areas, activities, equipment and toys available. 2. For top points, re-do this 1-page drawing neatly and in color.

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