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answer the following point about the 5 papers that i attached which is about a business plan: Amendment Paper to Business PlanThis is designed to align Modules 1 through 5 and correct any inconsistencies.1) is the Name of Company, tagline and logo are consistent throughout Modules 1-52) is the target market description and numbers are consistent. Module 1 should match all others in geographic location, number of members and size of facility, and age groups targeted (if applicable).3) is theMembership fees should match throughout (especially in Module 1 and Module 5 according to proposed income statement).4) is the Description of Business that outlines programs should match the programming indicated in Module 4. This should also match the proposed staffing (to support this programming) in Module 5.6) is the Module 4 programming for Profit Centers should match Module 5 description and revenue from Profit Centers (Spa, Food Services, Pro Shop, Childcare).7) is the Module 4 list and description of classes (free and charged ones) and schedule should match Module 5 (staffing) and Module 5 space allocations.8) is the Total payroll line item in budget (Assignment 5) should match the payroll list, descriptions and pay allocations in Assignment 4.9) is the Rent cost should be consistent with the geographic location stated in Assignments 1-5.10) is theLegal form of business should be the same in any of Assignments 3-5.11) is the If your Profit Margin was out of the range of what is considered “healthy” (between 5% and 25%) in Assignment 5, please explain why you believe that happened.12) If your Net Income in Assignment 5 was in the negative, explain why you believe that happened.

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