This exercise involves selection of a recent (within the past 6 months) Wall Street Journal article and a presentation to the class that will allow you and the class to become more familiar with current issues in the business world related to Strategic Management of Technology. For this assignment, you will make a 10-15 min in-class presentation covering the following:
1) Give the class a summary of the article selected (article must be published within the last 6 months)
2) Clearly explain how the article relates to material from the course. Be specific
3) Give a critical analysis of the article (what did you think of the article and subject, was it consistent with learning from class).
NOTE: Videos are permitted as part of your presentation but may not be more than 2 minutes long.

You will hand in a paper copy of the WSJ article to the professor on the day of presentation. Failure to hand in the article will result in a zero for the assignment. A sign-up sheet will be distributed in class. Failure to sign-up or to make your presentation on the designated date without a valid excuse will result in a zero for this assignment. Articles MUST be from the Wall Street Journal.

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