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CrazyDwarf: Just a friendly reminder if you lost all info previously submitted.

Research paper needs to be no more than 4 pages long but not shorter than 3 pages, APA formatting with citations noted throughout the paper. My thesis statement needs to be in the body of the paragraph which I have included for you below as well as what I need my paper to be written on and to help you better understand where I was going with it. I also need a title page and reference page in addition to the 4 pages. I have not thought of a title so I need one as well. I will also provide instructor guidelines below in case you have lost what I have given you. Sorry for the confusion but I had provided the wrong email to begin with and had to start over.

The topic of discussion I have chosen is called, “The Dark Web.” I chose to write more on this particular subject because I started off with somewhat of a bias opinion on the matter of identity-hiding software and after further research came to form my own opinion that I would like to share with others. There are two different angles in which you could look at with one being the overall protection of a person’s privacy and valuables including but not limited to government officials’ codes/location status or two the horrid tactic of just one of many pathways into the harsh world of cyber crime.
My position pertaining to this matter is this: The United States should keep identity masking software because it would eliminate the fear of prying eyes, allowing the military personnel to conduct operations, and it protects risking government surveillance and reprisal. Reasons I choose to discuss the software is due to vast exploring and obtaining more insight through the CQR, Credo Reference and various random internet supporting sites on the advantages and disadvantages of using it especially when it involves homeland security and the country we live in.

Thesis statement is: The United States should use identity (software or spyware) allowing the military personnel to conduct operations and protect government surveillance and reprisal.

Emails are in order from week 5 till now….

Hello Class,

We are finishing week 5. Most of you should be starting to write a rough draft of your paper. During

week 7 you will be required for your discussion question, to submit your rough draft to Smarthinking,

the free online tutoring service that Excelsior College provides our students. As you start to write or

finish up your papers, I want to give you a few reminders:

• This is not a personal opinion paper. This is a research paper, based on the sources that you

used to speak to or prove your thesis on your topic. I do not want your personal opinion on the

topic. Please do not write any “I” statements- I feel…. I believe…. I know…. , nothing that starts

with “I”.

• Your paper should be between 3-5 full pages in length, double spaced. This does not include the

title page or the reference page. If your paper is under 3 pages or over 5 pages, there will be

points taken off. A paper that is too long is as bad as a paper that is too short.

• You need a minimum of 4 reliable, current, peer reviewed sources for your paper

• You need a title page with your paper title, your name and the date on it

• You need a separate reference page at the end of your paper listing your sources in APA style

• You need in text citations when you use other’s work (please refer back to the webtext

assignments on this or use the librarians if you don’t know what this means- this is crucial). You

should have at least one in text citation for each reference you use.

• Over citing is as bad as plagiarizing. Be sure you have enough of your own original thoughts (but

not personal opinions) and not a paper that has one citation after another and no original


• Submit it in Word or a program that I can open to grade.

• You need to submit it to turnitin.com first and then remember to submit it here within the

assignment M8A2 in the course, so I can grade it.

• Your paper is due by Sunday evening of module 8, at 11: 58PM EST

I’m really looking forward to reading your papers! Keep up the good work- we only have a few weeks

left to share with each other.

Welcome to Module 6-Please READ
Posted on: Monday, February 6, 2017 7:28:19 AM EST
Hello Class,

Happy Monday!

In module 7, you will be doing a discussion assignment where you are submitting your rough draft of

your research paper to Smarthinking (our online tutoring service) for review. This process will take a

couple of days, as the Smarthinking tutor will need time to read your paper, review it closely and

provide you with feedback. You must plan to turn it in nearer to the beginning of week 7 so you have

time to get their feedback, before you write your discussion post about that experience. There are over

400 students taking this course this term (we have many, many sections running) so the Smarthinking

tutors will be very busy! Make sure you submit no later than Weds or Thursday at the latest, so you can

be writing your discussion post and responding to classmates by Sunday night. You cannot expect to

submit it to Smarthinking on Saturday and expect them to reply in time to do your discussion post by

Sunday night.

I will waive the requirement that you have to get your original discussion post in by Thursday during

week 7 (next week), since you need time to get your paper submitted and get their feedback (which can

take up to 48 hours) so your original post and responses to classmates just need to be in by Sunday night

at 11:58PM EST.

As another reminder- your paper needs to be 3-5 pages in length, NOT including the cover page and

reference page. You must use at least 4 scholarly references for your research and provide at least one

in-text citation for each item in your reference list. Please review the section on in-text citations so you

know how to cite those. Your paper must be research- based. It is a research paper, not an opinion

paper. That is why peer reviewed, credible scholarly sources are required to back up the claim you’re

making with your thesis statement.

You need to submit your paper to the draft box in Turnitin early in week 8. If the results are positive,

and you do not show overlap from other papers/resources, then you submit it to the final drop box in

Turnitin and the assignment box in the course by the end of week 8. Two places to submit it. I will not

grade it if you have not submitted it in both places. If your draft submitted to Turnitin.com draft box

does reveal excessive overlap between your paper and other papers/resources, you will have to rework

your paper and continue submitting drafts until this is no longer the case- then you submit your final

paper in those two places mentioned.

Let me know if you have questions!

Friendly Mid-Week Reminder-Please Read
Posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 2:55:00 PM EST
Hello Class,

I hope you are doing well. Here are a few APA formatting requirements:

The title page should include the title of the paper, your name, and the college name. The title should

be no longer than 12 words total, and centered on the title page. Your title page should also include a

running head. What is a running head? It is the page header that appears at the top of every page of

your paper, including the title and reference pages. It should be flush left, on the top or header section

of the page. The running head is an abbreviated version of the title of our paper; it should be no more

than 50 characters’ total, including spaces. On the title page, the running head should be in the

following format:

Running Head: SHORTENED TITLE OF YOUR PAPER (Note the R in Running is capitalized, but the word

head is completely lower case); the shortened title of your paper should be all caps.

The page number should appear in the upper right hand corner of each page.

There is a feature in Word that allows you to create a header so that you can easily input your running

head and page numbers. There is also a feature that allow you to make your first page different than the

others- you’ll want to use this so you can include the words “Running head” on your first page but not

the subsequent pages.

Most research papers require an abstract, which is essentially a summary of your entire paper. The

paper in this course does not require an abstract. If you’ve already written it, feel free to include it, but

don’t stress about it if you have not done so. The presence or absence of an abstract will not make a

difference in your grade for the paper.

Your reference page should be on a new page- do not continue it on the same page as the conclusion of

your paper, even if the last page only has a few lines on it. In other citation styles, this page is called the

“works cited” or “bibliography” page, but in APA style it should be titled Reference Page. That should be

centered on the page, and all your references should appear below it in alphabetical order, by authors’

last names. Please make sure that you make the corrections in your citations that I noted in your grade

comments for your last library assignment in module 5. I don’t want to delete points for your paper due

to APA formatting errors.

I hope this information is helpful. For details about it, including a sample paper in APA format, please

see the Writing and Anti-Plagiarism link on the left side of this page. If you have questions, I strongly

encourage you to contact our librarians. Use the Excelsior College Library Link on the left side of this

page. You can call or chat with a librarian weekdays from 8:30 am- 5:00pm eastern; you can also email

them your questions. They are usually quick to respond, but week 7 is always busy for them! The

library has a very extensive frequently asked questions section, with lots of great information about APA


I am really looking forward to reading your papers at the end of the course. You are all working hard and

doing well, so keep up the great work! Let me know if you have questions.

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